This Simple Yet Effective Skincare Routine By Kiehl's Helps to Achieve Your Skin Goal

The serum can even densify the skin and fill deep wrinkles, thanks to its anti-ageing formula.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Kiehl's.

Bothered by wrinkles, dark spots, post-acne marks, and early signs of aging? Kiehl's has a solution for you to address those skin concerns — the high-speed C+A skincare routine.

Image from Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

Image via Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

Featuring two of their best sellers — the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution for morning and Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro Serum for night —  this routine will help you achieve brighter skin in one day.* 

*Results based on expert grading in a six-week clinical study with 63 panelists using both the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and Retinol Skin-Renewing Micro-Dose serum.

Here's a closer look at the products:

1. Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

Image from Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

Image via Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

Suitable for all skin types, this dark spot corrector and brightening serum contains two key ingredients — activated C and proxylane. 

KIehl's activated C is especially known to help visibly reduce dark spots and post-acne marks, as well as improve skin clarity, while their patented proxylane strengthens the skin barrier and smoothens skin texture. According to Kiehl's, 96% of their clinical subjects showed brighter skin**. 

**Based on an expert grading in a 12-week clinical study.

2. Retinol Daily Micro-Dose Serum

Image from Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

Image via Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

Kiehl's formulates their retinol serum with pure retinol, ceramides, and peptides. These ingredients work together to visibly reduce wrinkles, even skin tone, and smoothen skin texture with minimal discomfort. In fact, Kiehl's shared that 100% of their clinical subjects showed visible wrinkle reduction, while 90% showed visible improvements in skin firmness.***

In other words, this serum helps you achieve youthful-looking skin. 

***Based on a 24-week clinical study with 132 subjects.

The best part? Both of these serums are environmentally friendly.

Image from Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

Image via Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

These serums are packaged in FSC-certified paper packaging, which is in line with Kiehl's sustainability efforts in producing eco-friendly skincare products. 

Hoping to learn more about Kiehl's high-speed C+A? You can check out their pop-up event at Mid Valley Megamall KL from 18 to 24 September!

Image from Kiehl's

Image via Kiehl's

Called Kiehl's NYC Subway: Trash to Art, the pop-up event is the perfect place for you to learn more about Kiehl's finest apothecary skincare, as well as their commitment to sustainability. 

As a beauty brand that prioritises sustainability, Kiehl's is working with three Singaporean artists to adorn the pop-up event with recycled art installations and sculptures made from Kiehl's products to express "Trash to Art", the vibrancy of New York City, and the quirkiness of Kiehl's. 

Here are some of the event highlights:

Image from Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

Image via Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

– "Trash to Art" gallery showcase: Marvel at iconic art pieces that champion sustainability, such as the Empire State Building made from Kiehl's upcycled materials by artist Maisarah Kamal, a Calendula art installation piece made from eco-sustainable materials by artist Joyce Lim, and more.

Image from Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

Image via Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

– Kiehl's NYC Trash to Art Subway: Board Kiehl's NYC Subway and be transported to the liveliest area of the city — Times Square! You'll be fully immersed in the vibrant atmosphere filled with neon lights and Kiehl's billboards, a perfect opportunity for you to capture Insta-worthy shots!

Image from Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

Image via Kiehl's (Provided to SAYS)

– Beauty Tech & Personalized Skin Consultation: Rediscover your skin here with Kiehl's state-of-the-art Derma Reader Pro device, which analyses 14 aspects of your skin! Kiehl's Skin Pros will be there to guide you towards a customised skincare routine tailored to address your specific needs and goals.

You can register here and head over to Kiehl's pop-up event at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall!

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